Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nintendogs+Cats MAKE EASY MONEY!

Has anyone ever wanted to earn lots more cash than what they give you on the new 3DS release, Nintendogs+Cats? Well, you can enter up to 6 competitions per day (2 of each), and you still can't make enough money to buy the toys, clothes, puppies, or kittens you want! Our Playzap Games reviewers also felt that way after completing all 6 competitions in their first test.

Well, don't be frustrated about that! Yes, you can do a competition tomorrow. But, our reviewing team found an easier way to earn cash, that you can do ALL day. How many walks can you take your dog our for? Well, we don't exactly know. But, if you can take them on unlimited walks, then you can earn as much cash as you feel!

As long as you have a little cash to buy the dog that you're taking on the walk's food and water, you can do this easily. Just go on a walk, hunt for those presents. Think you know what I'm gonna say?

Well, I know you might think I would tell you to go to Mr. Recycle and sell the items. But actually, that's not what I had in store for you!

THIS is what I have to tell you. Look at all the cool items you can make from Mr. Recycle! With those stupid pieces of junk you find on the streets WRAPPED UP, you can trade them in for marvelous toys and decorations. You can, of course, keep the toy that you make, but, make the thing with the least amount of junk needed. Then, you can sell that item to Mr. Recycle! Or, simply, just sell the junk you find. But, I think if you make the items from him, they will be worth much more!

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  1. Actually, you can't sell the junk, but selling the toys, and anything else you can make there, IS a good idea.